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Serious Organised Crime

Regardless of the scale of the crime, being at risk of investigation, under arrest or charged with an offence and facing prosecution is a stressful, worrying and a confusing time.


Terrorism Offences

Terrorism has a very wide meaning in law. It can mean the use or threat of action involving violence against a person, serious damage to property, endangering a person’s life or creating a serious risk to the safety of others. It must be designed to influence the government or to intimidate the public.


Sexual Offences

Sexual offences are legally complex and without proper legal advice you will be significantly disadvantaged. Even if you have not done anything wrong, being represented by a solicitor in a police interview does not necessarily mean that you have something to hide.


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  • Flexible private funding arrangements


Selection of Case Studies

R v Z. Khan & Others – Operation Bridge

Defendant and others were arrested and charged with Murder and Section 18 Wounding with Intent. He was subsequently dismissed from the Murder and charged with violent disorder and assault of which he was fully acquitted after Trial.


R v S. Singh and one other

Defendant was charged with Murder, accused of luring the victim to his death involving a firearm.


Police Drop Terrorism Charges Relating to 2016 Brussels Attacks

Two men and a woman from Birmingham have been charged with terror offences as part of a UK probe launched after the Paris and Brussels attacks.


R v N. Ullah & Others – Operation No Deal

Large number of defendants arrested and charged with Conspircy to Supply Class A Drugs, which was an undercover operation that started in August 2011 and lasted 99 days.


R v S. Khan & Others

Defendant was charged with a complex mortgage fraud.


R v W. Khan & Others

Defendant and others were arrested and charged with an offence of Conspiracy to Murder where the victim was shot but not killed.


R v K. Mohammed and one other

Defendant’s charged with one of the country largest heroin seizures. The ‘father and son’ operation involved heroin disguised in red chilli powder.


R v H. Khaliq & Others – Operation Viscount

Defendant and others were charged with Attempted Murder x2 and Conspiracy to Commit GBH with Intent. Defendant was acquitted of one count of Attempted Murder and Prosecution decided not to proceed with the second Count of Attempted Murder.



“Mr Khattak is a hard working solicitor who will fight for his clients and will go that extra mile for them”.

Peter Griffiths QC

“One of the few firms with a consistently large and growing client base. There is no better evidence to demonstrate this firm’s professionalism and commitment to client care and satisfaction”

Talbir Singh of Counsel

“I have worked a number of times with Mr Khattak of K Legal he has a sharp mind and good judgment. He is devoted to achieving the best outcome for his clients”

Michael Wolkind QC

“A firm that care – the team go above and beyond simply providing advice and representation”

Jerome Lynch QC

“Over the course of a long trial I was pleased to see the support Mr Khattak gave to, and the care he took for, his clients”.

Leading QC

“K Legal fight for their clients at every stage of legal proceedings. In criminal cases they ensure that no stone is left unturned. They know only too well that attention to detail is often the key to a successful outcome. Clients are definitely in safe and experienced hands with this firm”

Stephen Kamlish QC

“I have worked with K Legal Solicitors on several extremely serious cases including the most complex high-value fraud work and the most grave offences of murder. I have come to know the standards of K Legal Solicitors very well. In complex and difficult scenarios requiring detailed analytical assessment and tactical astuteness, the firm has real strength in depth”.

Abdul S. Iqbal QC

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